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    2017 Gold medal Paris  Our Authentic Honey Vinegar is so unique! Aged in oak barrels, it makes it a much sought after traditional artisanal product. This vinegar, used to season salads, fish, sushi, or sauces, will add a little sweet and sour ...

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  • CAD$ 13.90

    Discover a unique blend in your cup of Organic Infusion. This brimming blend of goodness will sooth and comfort your nights. A subtle blend of Propolis, Linden, Marshmallow Leaf, and Orange Tree gives this tea a sweet and light flavour. Enjoy a ...

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  • CAD$ 11.50

    Your lunch and supper infusion A hearty meal, one too many pieces of cake...and you find yourself needing to excuse yourself from your company. Fresh and aromatic, our Organic Infusion is made up of Propolis and plant ingredients (Verbena, ...

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  • CAD$ 16.50

    Honey & Matcha…A powerful ANTIOXIDANT duo! Our unique blend of Organic Honey & Matcha offers many wonderful health benefits. Rich in magnesium, matcha relaxes and reduces stress while energizing you all day! This well-being duo improves your ...

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  • CAD$ 44.90

    Organic Honey and Royal Jelly...An exceptionally healthy duo ! A subtle blend of Organic Honey and Organic Royal Jelly gives your system a boost of energy. Naturally rich in oligo-elements and vitamins, this well-being duo will be sure to ...

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