Published : 04/03/2019 18:17:20
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To continue on the topic of essential beauty rituals, the "Rosée des Hespérides" lotion helps you cleanse your skin in depth. 

Our Organic Toning Lotion washes away your skin's impurities and eliminates traces of makeup remover products.

It's as if you were using soap to wash your face without rinsing it after...Not ideal!

Your skin care will be optimal when you apply the Toning Lotion before our Organic Day Cream and Organic Night Cream.  

The Organic Makeup Remover and Toning Lotion are a winning combination when it comes to having radiant skin!

We only use the best natural and organic ingredients:

- Honey is known to protect and hydrate your skin.

- Witch Hazel guards your skin against redness and blotchiness.

- Chamomile soothes and softens dry skin.

- Green Tea tones and decongests your face's epidermis.

These Naturally Active ingredients are used for two purposes, as our Toning Lotion can also be employed as an After-Shave. Men, you can use this product too!

I hope that the arrival of spring will encourage you to renew your healthy skin cleansing habits. Your skin is one of your best assets!

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