Published : 06/08/2018 00:18:47
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To follow-up on my previous article, today, I want to explain what is Propolis

Propolis is a mix of resinous, viscous, and balsamic substances that the worker Bees collect from the buds of certain trees.

The Propolis, a Greek word meaning "in front of the city", is built at the front entrance of the hive and acts as a natural barrier, protecting the colony against microbacteria and predators.

The richness of the Propolis is found in the many active substances that it contains. We can count almost 400 to this day!

Among them you will find flavonoids, phenolic acids, aromatic acids, and several Oligo-elements, making Propolis a unique natural substance.

Our Organic Pure Propolis Chewing Gum and Organic Propolis Mother Tincture are perfect for oral hygiene, while our Active Balm with Propolis is great for healing skin blemishes and general Skin Care.

It is easy to see that Propolis, just like Royal Jelly, Honey, Flower Pollen, and Beeswax, has so many benefits for your Well-being.

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