Organic Royal Jelly


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    Pure organic royal jelly...a treasure-trove of the hive. Pure Royal Jelly is known for its various therapeutic benefits. It can increase vitality, stimulate the whole organism, and act as a tonic against weariness. Rich in Antioxidants and ...

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  • CAD$ 33.90

    Organic Honey and Royal Jelly...An exceptionally healthy duo ! A subtle blend of Organic Honey and Organic Royal Jelly gives your system a boost of energy. Naturally rich in oligo-elements and vitamins, this well-being duo will be sure to ...

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  • CAD$ 59.90

    Invaluable tool to help you fight viral infections!   To get the results that you want,choose these three complementary Organic Treasures from the hive. 1) Propolis helps you combat viral infections. 2) Royal Jelly strengthens your immune ...

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