Apitherapy is a philosophy in and of itself. Humankind has always wanted to be in harmony with its environment. Nature is at the very heart of this alternative medicine. Products from the Hive can restore the vital energy of tissue. These products come from plant and animal sources as they are transformed and made by the Bee. Their components act in synergy to improve humankind’s health. It makes sense to find out that these natural products have been on the shelves of our local family drugstores for ages.  

Unfortunately, nowadays, the therapeutic properties of the products of the Hive have been forgotten and undervalued. And yet, they are the object of numerous modern-day research projects. Interest in this field of study is growing and attracts more and more followers. The wonderfully rich products from the Bees offer extraordinary benefits.

These insects are part of a venerable tribe that is over 100 million years old, even older than us. Their mission is not to pillage or to destroy nature, but to enrich it. In fact, the Bees play a vital role in biodiversity by pollinating flowers. Our ancestors observed and respected them. They quickly discovered that Royal Jelly, Propolis, and even Honey was able to care for the Bees and allow the perpetuation of the species.

Health and beauty recipes were created with the products of the hive and were passed down to us, mostly through oral tradition. Bee medicine is called Apitherapy. The word “Api” comes from the Latin word for“bee” and “therapy” is the Greek word “therapeia”, which means “cure”.  Bees are healers! Apitherapy is the way that Bees can help stimulate our vitality, sooth our wounds, and even help us heal. It is the perfect example of green medicine.

The Bee products are perfectly adapted for humans. The Bee is genetically closer to humans than plants are. The Hive offers effective products than do not cause dependence problems. The Bees know how to permanently adapt when microbes threaten the well-being of the colony. The secret is that the products of the Hive are so powerful that they act to eliminate the pathogenic agent even before it has time to build a resistance.  

Our human body, just like the Hive, is made up of miniscule living beings (bacteria, virus). Some are harmful, but others are useful, even to the point of being indispensable. The products of the Hive offer powerful properties that help our bodies fight against harmful microbes and viruses.

The products of Apiculture are made up of active ingredients that work in synergy to strengthen one another. Over 800 components have been found in Propolis and over 300 in Royal Jelly. We have not even identified all of them yet!

The beauty of the work of these insects, from the hexagonal shapes of the honeycomb to the colorful hues of the honey, is like no other. Each Bee plays a role, according to its age, to ensure that tasks are well executed. The beehive has even been able to adapt to climate change in unique ways. The hive is such a source of wonderment!

The Hive is a coherent system where each Bee is part of a wholeand plays a vital role. The Bees have a lot to teach us about health, beauty, and the meaning of life. They show us another, inspiring way, to live in harmony with nature. The Bees meet all their own needs without ever harming their environment. They know how to fight against big and small viruses. We can learn a lot from them about fighting illness and protecting our immunity.  

It’s our job to care for them just as much as their products care for us!