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Over the years, my work as a beekeeper has allowed me to discover the numerous beneficial products that the hive can provide. In 2015, I decided to establish La Ruche Royale to share my knowledge of the beehive and its role in your well-being.

The possibilities that nature offers, especially the hive, are endless. Passionate about our work with bees and, personally, entirely convinced of the extraordinary powers of beehive products, we are committed to offer you the best of its goodness.

I have chosen to collaborate with Apimab for all of our Propolia products. It is a small family-owned French enterprise that hires 30 employees; pioneers in the transformation of propolis since 1975. I continue to meet with Apimab, as we have the same goal in mind: sustainable development.

As fervent believers in natural care, our products have always been free of harmful ingredients such as parabens, phenoxyethanol, synthetic colouring agents, etc. Our Organic products are certified by an accredited body like Agriculture Biologique, Cosmébio, and Ecocert. Our Organic Royal Jelly, unique in Canada, with all of its benefits are ready to be discovered!

You are more than just our customers, you are eco-actors in organic sustainable development.

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