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    Organic purifying multi-active skin care mask Designed for the well-being of every skin type, our organic mask features two types of clay that purify and restore nutrition to your epidermis to reveal your skin's natural beauty. This organic ...

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  • CAD$ 23.90

    The exfoliating particles of our Organic Face Scrub help to gently cleanse your pores in depth, ridding your skin of impurities and dead cells. This apricot scented Organic Face Scrub helps illuminate your skin and leaves your face feeling smooth ...

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  • CAD$ 29.90

    Our orange-scented Organic Makeup Remover smells delicious! Our Organic Makeup Remover will gently rid your skin of makeup, as well as, the built up grime from  your day, without leaving any oily residues. It's milky texture, enriched with ...

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  • CAD$ 21.90

    This original formula of Organic SOS Skin Care Gel from Propolia offers you all of nature's benefits to soothe and care for damaged skin, bringing it comfort and softness. Propolis' restorative and protective qualities help maintain your skin's ...

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  • CAD$ 26.90

    Our Organic Toning Lotion gives your skin a feeling of weightlessness and of optimal cleanliness. Our green-tea scented Organic Toning Lotion eliminates impurities while providing your skin with the bio-active ingredients that it needs to stay ...

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  • CAD$ 18.50

    A GEL THAT REALLY FIGHTS BACK WITH A GENTLE TOUCH! A bump here, a tumble there and, voilà, an unsightly mark appears! Thanks to the incredibly rich properties of Propolis and Arnica, our Organic SOS Skin Care Gel also sooths insect bites. Great ...

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  • CAD$ 54.90

    Offer your skin a new lease on life! Our Organic Rejuvenating Serum is a concentration made up of all the most active natural anti-aging ingredients. It quickly penetrates your skin thanks to its fine texture, renewing your cells and preventing ...

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  • CAD$ 42.50

    TO SHARPEN YOUR LOOK, RESTORING YOUTH AND VITALITY... Our Organic Roll-On activates micro-circulation around your eyes thanks to its stainless steel ball's motion. Try our blend of the decongestant properties of Horse Chestnut, dark circle ...

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  • CAD$ 43.00

    Our organic night cream's velvety texture Lifts your senses! Rich in regenerating plant ingredients (Jojoba, Avocado, Argan) and antioxidants (Royal Jelly), this cream revitalizes and naturally refreshes your skin. Let our Organic Night Cream ...

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  • CAD$ 9.90

    No more dry lips! Bring this pleasant little treat with you wherever you go! Our lip balm contains concentrated natural organic ingredients that repair and protect your lips. Its Natural and Organic ingredients (Shea, Propolis, Beeswax) will ...

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  • CAD$ 17.90

    A natural detox for your face! A fresh and airy formula that features powerful purifying capabilities to deeply cleanse your face. For a gentle daily wash that is perfectly adapted to your face’s fragile epidermis. Start your day feeling like ...

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