Published : 03/28/2020 17:30:49
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Despite all the efforts that we are taking to avoid catching this virus, the best defense remains boosting our Immune Systems!

Organic Pure Propolis and Organic Royal Jelly are the efficient natural solutions to fight against viruses.

Did you know that Propolis is used by bees to naturally defend the Hive? It protects it against Microbial Attacks and that is exactly what we are trying to do right now. Organic Propolis creates an Antibacterial Barrier and boosts our Immune System. It has numerous Health benefits. One of these reputed benefits is to treat and prevent respiratory illnesses.  

Royal Jelly reinforces your body's Immune System and helps prevent Influenza-like Illnesses in particular. It has Powerful Revitalizing properties thanks to its Vitamins and Oligo-Elements! It's easy to understand why the Queen Bee lives 5 times longer than any worker bee. In fact, the Queen's feeds exclusively eats on Royal Jelly, as opposed to the rest of the colony who only Benefit from it as larvae. Another notable benefit of Royal Jelly during this confinement period is its ability to improve your mood and reduce stress.

You will agree that Organic Pure Propolis and Organic Royal Jelly are two important health allies for us. Treasures of the Hive to be taken as a health cure for young and old alike!

Take care! It will be alright!

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