Published : 05/18/2019 13:38:29
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People wonder if it would really matter is the Bees disappeared. The answer is yes, it would be very bad!

For a plant to produce a fruit, that will then produce seeds, its flower must be able to reproduce. The Bee will help with that...It transports the seeds (Pollen) on the hairs of its body from a male reproductive organ (stamens) to a female one (pistil).

The Pollination that insects do is very important because it allows flowers that are far from each other to meet. 

Bees and other insects pollinate three fourths of our fruits and vegetables. Without them, we would no longer be able to enjoy strawberries, prunes, peas, cucumbers, and don't forget coffee and chocolate!

These Pollinators are so essential to conserving biodiversity. They also sound the alert for potential environmental risks and are a good indicator of the health of local ecosystems. (United Nations, World Bee Day, https://www.un.org/en/events/beeday/)

Help! The Bees are in danger! The main culprits are pesticides:

- Insecticides, used to make plants more resistant, also are responsible for killing insects, notably Bees.

- Herbicides and fungicides, intended to eliminate weeds and mushrooms, also kill the Bees' food supply.

Why should we worry about systematically destroying every dandelion in our yard? They offer Pollen and Nectar to the Bees. They are also enjoyed by children who love to blow their seeds into the wind. Why take away this simple fun that is offered by Nature itself?

We can all help the Bees by growing plants that will be a good food source for them such as strawberry and clover.

It would be sad to not be able to enjoy the immune boosting power of Royal Jelly or the antibacterial properties of Propolis

The United Nations has declared May 20th World Bee Day to draw people's attention to the key role of bees and to the threats they face.

Thank you for them and thank you to us all!





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