Published : 09/08/2018 13:41:55
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My son caught a cold after being back at school for only 2 days! He was so tired by this new rhythm after spending two holiday months of sleeping and waking  whenever he pleased (more or less)!

Before his minor illness spread to the whole family, I quickly served Organic Royal Jelly to everyone!

I know that some of you might be wondering what is Organic Royal Jelly...

It is an entirely natural product that worker bees secrete with the sole purpose to feed the larva and the Queen.

You could also call it bees milk.

This product is full of benefits for your body's well-being.

Organic Royal Jelly is concentrated and rich in nutrients; only one gram a day with help you feel better!

It stimulates and strengthens the immune system, making it less vulnerable to attacks.

If you take it every day for a month to 6 weeks, you can prevent infections, viruses, energy loss, or illnesses.

Organic Royal Jelly is good for most everybody except for people allergic to beehive products.

It is safe for children to consume starting at 1 year old.

I'll be back shortly to tell you about a beauty routine that you don't want to miss: makeup removal!

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