Published : 05/07/2018 12:54:51
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In a few days time, we will celebrate mothers here in Québec! It is THE perfect moment to Care for your mom and make her happy.

Don't forget that she also needs to be pampered; a little special attention is what is often the most meaningful gift.

Each year, I preciously keep my children's homemade presents like little treasures. I can hardly wait for Sunday now!

Why not offer your mother (or wife) one of our Organic Massage Balms? We are paying for shipping fees until Sunday, May 13!

A massage feels good for the body and the mind; it's a short parenthesis of exotic perfumes in our rushed lives.

Like all of our Beehive Products, our balms are made up of healthy ingredients:

- Organic Botanical Oils and Organic Propolis Wax that are a source of natural well-being.

- Organic Coconut Oil that nourishes and restores your skin.

Its silky and non-stick texture goes on smoothly thanks to its airless, waste-preventing bottle.

Of course, like for any holiday, don't just think of Mom on Mother's Day...

Happy Mother's Day!

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