Published : 04/20/2021 22:03:06
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Dear faithful clients of our online La Ruche Royale boutique, you now know and appreciate the benefits of Organic Pure Royal Jelly and of Organic Propolis on your immune systems, but did you know that eating Healthy ingredients is also very important? To fully enjoy the benefits of the treasures of the Hive for your Health, you must also care about what you eat.

Organic Fruits and Vegetables must also be an integral part of our daily meals. Do you know the secret to eating your daily portion? It’s Rémis! It’s a solution that is adapted to your daily life rhythm since it’s a dehydrated snack. It can be eaten all throughout the day, when and where you want a healthy snack. This on-the-go treat is great for young and old alike.

These Artisanal products are made with Organic Fruits and Vegetables grown in Québec. These Nutritious snack flavors please every palate! Tomato, Kale, Beets, Apple, Carrot, Lemon, and Pear.

Develop healthy eating habits thanks to Rémis 123 Santé!

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