Published : 07/16/2018 09:56:20
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In spite of these past weeks' extreme heat, I have never once wished for the return of winter. No! No! No! Summer, I need you!

I prefer to keep my skin "au naturel" in this heat. It needs to breathe, especially in hot weather!

So forget about foundation and focus on morning and evening face Care.

The three important steps are: makeup removal, cleansing, and hydration. I'll explain the importance of this simple Beauty routine shortly.

For better results, you will want to choose good products; Organic and Natural is always better!            

Once your face is a clean slate, our Organic SOS Imperfections Roll-On is an ideal companion for your day.

All you need to do if gently massage the product onto a specific area to help with your particular need like acne or red skin.

 It contains good, naturally active ingredients!

 Tea Tree Essential Oil is a must when it comes to purifying your skin. Propolis and Aloe Vera soften and sooth irritated skin. Rosemary essential oil helps balance oily and acne-prone skin. Peppermint essential oil is perfect for healing scarring while refreshing your skin.

You will have understood by now that to have healthy and happy skin, you need to take care  of it and let it take a breath of fresh air this summer!


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