Published : 05/26/2018 10:33:59
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For many gardeners, last May 26 (Green Day) was the ideal time to pick up free plants and compost at their local town halls.

There were also workshops on how to best practice sustainable development in your area.

It is so important to plant trees so that Bees can collect Pollen and Nectar from melliferous trees like maple, apple, or linden.

The Propolis is made with what is harvested from the buds of trees and conifers. It is an essential part of the health of the hive.

I will tell you more about this process in an upcoming article.

We can also benefit from the extraordinary qualities of Propolis thanks to our line of Organic and Natural products called Propolia.

Perfect for slipping in your purse, our Organic SOS Skin Care Gel helps restore and sooth your skin. It may be a a fall or a simple insect bite, Propolis can help speed up the healing process.

Have a good, natural weekend since tomorrow, May 27, is Bee Day!

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